OPEN ART DAY, September 2019


You are all welcome to our  Open Art Event, in Art Villa Kastellos.

The Hamburg artist, Christian Ansen will exhibit  in a 3-day installation some of his wonderful watercolors in the villa from 16th to 19th of September.

On Tuesday 19th, he will run the watercolor workshop.

No previous art experience is required, and we will provide all necessary materials.

You can book your place by mail in:

Come and join us!

Christian 1

Christian Plakias

Christian, in two words

Paint block, brushes and paints are always part of the luggage for the Hamburg artist Christian Ansen.
His on-site painted watercolors are characterized in particular by  his powerful color expression and the imaginative views of his motifs. 
This is how his imposing watercolors on Crete were created.


Malblock, Pinsel und Farben gehören für den Hamburger Kuenstler Christian Ansen immer zum Reisegepäck dazu. Seine vor Ort gemalten  Aquarelle zeichnen sich insbesondere durch seinen kraftvollen Farbausdruck und den fantasievollen Blicken auf seine Motive aus. So sind auch seine imposanten Aquarelle auf Kreta entstanden.



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