My Art

My work is the effort to define a thought, the intent to express an emotion. It is an answer that always ends up in a question, a  cycle continuously repeated over the time, over the years: a process, after all, very familiar to  my greek cells. It is the physical peak point of an internal almost alchemical mutation. It is the synthesis of a series of complicated reactions, wishing to become a clean and simple, almost understood, distillate.

Foto by Riccardo Andriolo

Τα έργα μου είναι η προσπάθεια αποτύπωσης  μιας σκέψης, η προσπάθεια έκφρασης ενός συναισθήματος. Είναι μια απάντηση που καταλήγει πάντα σε μια ερώτηση, διαδικασία που επαναλαμβάνεται συνεχώς μέσα στον χρόνο, μέσα στα χρόνια, διαδικασία τελικά, πολύ γνώριμη στα ελληνικά μου κύτταρα. Είναι μια υλική κατάληξη μιας εσωτερικής, σχεδόν αλχημικής μετάλλαξης. Mια διαδικασία απλοποίησης και ανασύνθεσης μιάς σειράς πολύπλοκων διεργασιών, που επιθυμεί να καταλήξει σε ένα λιτό και απλό, σχεδόν κατανοητό απόσταγμα. 

Il mio lavoro è lo sforzo di definire un pensiero, l’ intento di esprimere un’emozione. Si tratta di una risposta che termina sempre in una domanda, un ciclo che si ripete continuamente nel tempo, nel corso degli anni, un processo intrinsecamente  molto familiare alle mie cellule greche. È l’ apice fisico di una interna, quasi alchemica mutazione. È la sintesi di una serie di  processi complicati che desiderano diventare un semplice e pulito, quasi compreso, distillato.

Foto by Luca Ardizzone

Among her recent shows | Πρόσφατες εκθέσεις | Tra le sue ultime mostre:

2021 PORTART “Travel and Discovery, Cap San Diego, Hamburg. Collective Exhibition

       2019  “TRIA, 2019” Collective Exhibition, Fortezza Rethimno

       2019 “MADE IN KASTELLOS” Collective Exhibition, Kastellos, Crete

       2019 “TRELA” Art exhibition,  Tinos, Kyklades

2018 TRIA 2018  Collective Exhibition, Rethimno, Crete.     Article here

2016 “Iconostasia | Seconda Occasione”   Personal Exhibition, Milano. Article here

2016 “Body of Crisis”  Collective Exhibition, Chania, Crete

       2016 “Δευτέρα Ευκαιρία”    Personal exhibition, The Garage, Crete. Article here

2015  Art-Relation “IO-TU-NOI”  Collective Exhibition, Milano. Article here

2014 “Light Borders – Blessed Darkness”   “Σύνορα Φωτός, Ευλογημένο Σκοτάδι” Collective Exhibition, Rethimno, Crete. Article here

       2013  AthensArt Odessa/Ukraine.    Collective Exhibition, Odessa. e-Catalogue here

2010 “Going Under”   “Κάτω-Βαίνοντας”  Personal Exhibition, Rethimno, Crete

Contact me in

+30 6976672857

+39 3357107469

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