PortArt | CAP SAN DIEGO – Hamburg

The artist group PortArt congratulates Cap San Diego on its 60th birthday!

Evi Tsana (Kastellos/Crete), Ulla + Erich Kern, Christian Ansen, Udo Steinigeweg and Werner Horvath (Linz / Austria) present pictures from various trips.
Erich Kern shows sculptures made from collected beach debris.

The Inner Travel.

Ich reise…

Seit Jahren … natürlich… stetig!

Eine durch Ansichten, Überzeugungen, Ideologien, Rollen, Stereotypen, Kritik, Klassifikationen und Dogmen gut geformte „Geographie“ bildet die Welt.

Auf dieser Karte reiste ich mit meinem weiblichen Gefährt, um mich, Andere und die Karte zu verstehen. Durch meine Auswahl wurden Teile davon wieder reproduziert und andere abgelehnt.


– Wen soll ich wählen?


Ich bin Frau.

Ich bin Partner.

Ich bin Mutter.

Aber zuvor,  vor langer Zeit, war ich  Tochter.

Vielleicht die weißeste, authentischste, nicht-kartographierte Zeit der Reise…

Evi Tsana, “KORES” Detail
"I am Woman.
I am Companion.
I am Mother.
But before that, long ago, I was Daughter.
Perhaps the whitest, most authentic, uncharted period of the trip..."

Evi Tsana, Kastellos, October 2021
Christian Ansen, “MEN IN RED”
Christian Ansen

Watercolour has a life of its own, says Laura Cumming. You make your mark on the page and very soon it’s not entirely yours. The paint sinks into the surface, seeping, running, spreading disastrously or drying too fast, forming suggestive blots or stains. No matter how quick you are – or how slow – it does not stay put, or remain stable. The colour comes, and it goes, drying unpredictably by evaporation.”

Christian Ansen and art met early – but only really got to know each other after many years. He has been a freelance artist for 15 years. For ARTvergnuegen, he primarily selected pictures that tell of distant, exotic countries – and some from home.

“I am grateful every day for the exciting and intimate relationship with art.”

Evi Tsana, “KORES” Detail

“My work is the effort to define a thought, the intent to express an emotion. It is an answer that always ends up in a question, a  cycle continuously repeated over the time, over the years: a process, after all, very familiar to  my greek origins. It is the physical peak point of an internal almost alchemical mutation. It is the synthesis of a series of complicated reactions, wishing to become a clean and simple, almost understood, distillate.” Evi Tsana

Evi Tsana KORE, Detail
Werner Horvath

Werner Horvath had tried to portray in his paintings, the reality we rely on is not so real at all. The world that we live in is understood only as we construct it ourselves. For example, colours only exist in our consciousness, therefore are not “real”. The same is for objects and relationships. Finally they take into consideration the fact that we live in a symbolic world. Not only do we view Stalin as a Russian politician but also a symbol of dictatorship and cruelty. Horvath uses current political events at the inspiration for his work and often the colours and shapes used help to portray his opinion on our society.

Udo Steinigeweg

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