TRIA, Art exhibition, 2018

My artworks for TRIA

“Stories in a box”

In a limited space, made by old recycled woods, I try to take out a felling, a thought, a sensation, a memory… It is about personal symbols, that goes beyond the collected symbols that I used in my work “ICONOSTASIA|Second Chance”

Evi Tsana, The 7th sky, 2018
Evi Tsana, The 7th sky, 2018

I believe all objects are saying a personal story to any of us, and the use of my objects are the way to express myself and my feelings.

Evi Tsana, Understanding, 2018

The materials I use, are helping me with their energy to express in the best way all my inner feeling, the essence I want to give to each sensation, to each memory.

Evi Tsana, A spoon, three times a day, 2018

I believe old woods and wooden objects have a soul. Even when we think that they are garbage because “modernity” strikes them. Their beauty and energy are always there waiting for a sensitive eye to notice them. When I find them discarded in the streets or at the beach, I feel really lucky, I feel happy.

Evi Tsana, Speak, 2018
Evi Tsana, Speak, 2018

The objects that I use, are founded in the old marketplaces all over the world. They made part of my personal collection and are selected very carefully. At the moment that I buy them, I don’t really know where they are going to be used, but as with woods, their energy is for me very important and strong. They communicate something to me, something to decode, something that is still to understand.

Evi Tsana, I counted, 2018
Evi Tsana, I counted, 2018

Sometimes I own them for many years before they find their place in a “Poem in a box” artwork, and when this happened, I fell like they have found their purpose, almost their family, as if, this “box” was their home waiting for them from the beginning of time.

Evi Tsana, Don't forget to change the water in the roses, 2018
Evi Tsana, Don’t forget to change the water in the roses, 2018


Three women, three decades, three points of view

Three women, three generations, three visual expressions, interact and expose. While maintaining their individuality, they present the sides of their own personal triangle. Argentine textures by Florencia Martinez. Questions in Greek symbols by Evi Tsana and Russian academy by Marilena Kalaitzantonaki.


Tria Inside view

Τρεις γυναίκες, τρεις γενιές, τρεις εικαστικές εκφράσεις χωρίς επίθετα, αλληλεπιδρούν και εκθέτουν, διατηρώντας την ατομικότητα τους, παρουσιάζουν τις πλευρές του δικού τους προσωπικού τριγώνου.


Αργεντίνικες υφές από την Florencia Martinez. Aναζητήσεις στα Ελληνικά σύμβολα από την Evi Tsana και Ρώσικος ακαδημαϊσμός από την Marilena Kalaitzantonaki.

Σπίτι του Πολιτισμού, απο 23 έως 30 Ιουλίου 2018, ώρες λειτουργίας 12.00 με 14.00 και 17.00 με 23.00.

Tria Poster-1


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